Cash For Test Strips

Tips to Making Real Cash from Your Diabetes Test Strips


Diabetes test strips are in high demand, but with their costs, not everyone can be able to afford. The retail price of a box of fifty strips is about eighty dollars. Considering someone with diabetes has to test their blood sugar levels several times a day it can be very expensive. Selling diabetes test strips is legal, they are no laws against it unless they were bought through Medicare or Medicaid. It is no wonder you come across several road signs with phone numbers to call in case you are selling your strips.


You may have some extra diabetes test strips you don't need which will be good to sell them to help those who can't afford their retail prices. It is always a way you can make some money from them. Here are tips to making good cash from your extra strips. Click here for more details.



In the past those people seeking to buy them would advertise their contacts on a road sign in case you interested to communicate and sell them yours. While some are genuine, it can be inconveniencing sometimes have to contact them or even knowing their authenticity. The easiest and convenient way is via the internet. There are several websites that you can check out which buy the diabetes test strips from people have extra and are interested in making some money. First, do some research on the particular website to establish whether it is genuine and reliable or not. This means checking out their reviews, ratings and how long they have been in business among other things.


Once you have a website you trust, they often have options where you can put descriptions of the diabetes strips you want to sell. These are things like the strips types or brand, whether the box is opened or still intact and their expiration period. Others already have details on the different brands and expiring dates for you to choose. It is here where you calculate the amount they will give for your strips. Lastly, they also provide a shipping label or a mailing kit for you to ship them.


Importantly, don't be quick to take the first offer you get for you diabetes test strips, first weigh your options by comparing different buyers such that you pick the one with the most suitable offer. Since opened boxes are bought for slightly less or sometimes cannot even sell, it is recommended you don't unseal them. The next step is to wait for your cash which will take between two to three days after sending the package. Read this great article for diabetics